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Legal Nurse Consulting of Colorado Services

  • Review and Analysis of Medical and Billing Records

CLNCRR’s Registered Nurses will review the medical records for injuries sustained, deviations from and adherences to the Standards of Care, assess for damages and causation, and screen cases for merit.

  • Report Generation

Hardcopy or electronic reports of the analysis and findings of the medical records can be produced. These reports include, but are not limited to: verbal reports, memo type reports, comprehensive medical chronologies, or custom reports specifically developed for the individual attorney’s needs.

  • Binder Preparation

Client binders can be prepared that will include the medical chronology and complete medical and billing records, with or without tabbed documents, that support the report for trial preparation and attorney organization. The tabbed documents can be further detailed to highlight the importance of the medical record for quicker attorney reference. The binder can be delivered in hardcopy and/or electronic format.

  • Research

This service is based upon the needs of the Attorney-Client regarding medical/nursing procedures, pathophysiology of a medical condition, drugs and interactions/side effects, regulations and much more.


A legal nurse consultant accompanies your client to his/her designated examination and observes the examination per the Attorney’s direction.  A written or verbal report of the examination can be provided upon request

  • Redacting of Medical Billing Records
  • Bates Stamping and Tabbing of Documents.
  • Identify and obtain appropriate medical experts

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